Ambulance Bills


I just received my ambulance bill. What should I do now?

If you are covered by medical insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or are a member of an HMO, please provide information about your coverage on the back of the ambulance bill, sign the bill, and return it to our office. We will bill your insurance carrier. If there is a balance still due after your insurance carrier responds to us, we will send you a revised bill.

If you are not covered by medical insurance, please pay the bill. Send check or money order with your account number to:

(For payments and correspondence)


Or contact customer service at 877.987.2083 to make payment arrangements:

What are the fees for ambulance service?

Basic life support:                $2,969.00

Advanced life support:        $3,040.00

Oxygen:                                     $28.00 (regardless of the amount)

Mileage*:                                   $19.00 per mile

The paramedics transport patients to the nearest hospital (usually 2-3 miles) or nearest trauma center (may exceed 2-3 miles) if necessary. 

Why does the City of Chicago impose a fee for emergency ambulance service?

The Chicago Fire Department's skilled paramedics provide emergency medical services, including ambulance transportation, 200,000 times per year. Persons needing these services within the City of Chicago are served immediately, regardless of income, by calling 911. Prior to 1985, this service was provided free of charge to the user. In order to take advantage of available reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies, Chicago created the first ambulance user fee in 1985. This fee saves Chicago taxpayers money by enabling the City to shift much of the cost of providing these services to the user or their medical insurance.

What if I did not receive an ambulance bill?

If you were transported to a hospital by Chicago Fire Department ambulance, you should expect to receive an ambulance bill within two weeks of transport. Because of the emergency nature of these services and because your health and safety is our primary concern, our paramedics are not always able to obtain complete or accurate billing information at the time of the transport. Call our Ambulance Unit at 1.877.987.2083 for a copy of your bill, or for any other assistance.

How do I dispute my bill?

Have a copy of your invoice ready with the invoice number. (See top of the bill on the left side for the number). Call 1.877.987.2083 and speak with an agent who will research your dispute internally and with the records section at the Fire Department.

DOF: Ambulance Release Form Fact Sheet

DOF: Authorization for Release of Ambulance Charges

 We are required by law to follow these practices: City of Chicago's Notice of Privacy Practices.

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