Red Light Camera Violation Defenses

The following defenses are allowed for red-light violations recorded by automated cameras (violations issued pursuant to 9-102-020 of the Municipal Code of Chicago).  Notice are sent by mail and display three images of a ticketed vehicle, including a close-up image of the vehicle's license plate:

  • The operator of the vehicle was issued a uniform traffic citation for a violation of Section 9-8-020(c) or Section 9-16-030(c).
  • The violation occurred when the vehicle or its license plate was reported to a law enforcement agency as having been stolen, and the vehicle or license plate had not been recovered by the owner at the time of the alleged violation.
  • The vehicle was an authorized emergency vehicle or was a vehicle lawfully participating in a funeral procession;
  • The facts alleged in the violation notice are inconsistent or do not support a finding that Section 9-8-020(c) or Section 9-16-030(c) was violated;
  • The respondent was not the registered owner of the cited vehicle at the time of the violation.

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