Payment Plan Options for Parking, Red Light Camera and Automated Speed Camera Violations

The Department of Finance offers payment plans to motorists with outstanding parking, compliance, red light camera or automated speed enforcement violations. Entering into a payment plan allows vehicle owners to make payments over time, while avoiding vehicle immobilization (booting). Payment plans are also available to motorists who have already had their vehicle booted.

  • Tickets in Violation or Determination status: Enroll in a payment plan before penalties are assessed and get up to 24 months to pay with as little as $25 down.
  • Tickets in Final or Seizure status: Enroll in a payment plan to avoid 22% collection fees and booting. Payment plans are available for up to 24 months (60 months with demonstration of hardship) and as little as $25 down.

Visit our payment plan FAQs for more information and a detailed comparison of payment plan options. 

To enroll in a payment plan online, you will need the following:

  • Driver’s license number
  • License plate number
  • Active and accessible email address

For questions regarding payment plans or outstanding violations, please visit our FAQs or call 312-744-7275.







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