Non-Commercial Loading Zone Permit Information & Application

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Information on Non-Commercial Loading Zone Permits:

The City of Chicago issues Non-Commercial Loading Zone Permits to businesses that use passenger vehicles for deliveries and fast service calls in commercial districts. The permits allow companies using vehicles with ordinary Illinois passenger license plates to park in and utilize any of the thousands of commercial loading zones throughout the City of Chicago..

Applicable Zones:

The Non-Commercial Loading Zone Permit applies to commercial drivers looking to utilize both Curb Loading Zones and Commercial Loading Zones.

User-paid Loading Zone Pilot:

The Non-Commercial Loading Zone permit allows passenger vehicle drivers using their car in a commercial capacity the ability to park and pay for use of a Commercial Loading Zone. At this time the City of Chicago is expanding a pilot area of user-paid Commercial Loading zones from the Central Business District.

If you are parking in a commercial zone within the pilot area, payment is required for your use of that zone. If you are unsure whether or not you are parked in a user-paid zone, refer to the signs on either side. If they direct you to payment on the ParkChicago App or at the paybox, you are required to pay for use of that zone.

Applicable Businesses and Vehicles::

Examples of businesses using vehicles with passenger license plates which require the Non-Commercial Permits are: food delivery establishments, florists, printers and office machinery service firms. Vehicles already registered with the Illinois Commerce Commission do not need the Non-Commercial Loading Zone Permits to use loading zones.

Effective Dates:

The Non-Commercial Loading Zone Permit can be renewed semiannually or annually. The semiannual permit is valid July 8th to January 7th of the following year and January 8th to July 7th in the same year. The annual permit is valid July 8th to July 7th.

Applicable Fees:

You can purchase a semiannual permit for $125.00 or an annual permit for $250.00.

Requirements and Conditions:

No permits will be issued if the applicant has any outstanding parking tickets against a license plate registered in his/her name.

Drivers with Non-Commercial Loading Zone Permits will still be required to pay for their use of a commercial loading zone. This permit allows vehicles with ordinary Illinois passenger license plates to utilize the zone as if they were a commercial vehicle. Those in possession of the Non-Commercial Loading Zone Permit who do not pay for their use of the zone will be ticketed.

How to Apply:

You may download an application from below or request an application by calling Customer Service at 312.747.0110. A completed application along with the permit fee should be submitted to:

City of Chicago
Department of Finance
P.O. Box 803100
Chicago, IL 60680-3100

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