Tax Returns

In accordance with URPO Ruling #5, effective 1/1/2016 tax collectors and taxpayers must file their tax returns electronically.

To file an amended return for a previous year, please call our Business Contact Center at 312-747-4747 for assistance.


Closing or selling your business 

If your business is closing, you must complete the following:

• A final tax return for each tax for which the business is registered, due 45 days from the date the business ceases operations. File tax returns on Chicago Business Direct

• A Business Change Form 

• An Affidavit for Final Tax Period that includes all taxes for which the business is registered.

If you are selling your business, in addition to the requirements above, you must file a Bulk Sales Notice at least 45 days prior to the date of sale or transfer.

For questions regarding these forms please call our Business Contact Center at 312-747-4747.

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