Boat Mooring Tax (7560)

Boat Mooring Tax


Municipal Code Reference: 3-16
CAPS Code Reference: 75601002920051907
Tax Return Form Code: Form 7560
Procedure: A tax is imposed upon the mooring or docking of any watercraft for a fee in or on a harbor, river or other body of water within the corporate limits or jurisdiction of the city. The person that pays the mooring or docking fee shall be liable for payment of the tax.  The person collecting the fee shall collect the tax and remit it to the Department of Finance.
Tax Base: 7% of the mooring or docking fee
Exemptions, Deductions and Credits: The tax imposed by this chapter shall not apply to the mooring or docking of any watercraft owned by a governmental body or to any person, activity or privilege that under the Constitution of the United States or the constitution of the State of Illinois may not be made the subject of taxation by the city.

Rulings and Procedures:

March 2006 Information Bulletin: Boat Mooring Tax


Businesses registered for Boat Mooring Tax with the Chicago Department of Finance.