Parking Tax (7530)


Municipal Code Reference: 4-236
CAPS Code Reference: 1002920051115
Tax Return Form Code: Form 7530
Procedure: The Parking Tax applies to businesses that operate parking lots or garages, which must collect the tax from customers and remit to the City of Chicago.  The tax also applies to valet operators.

NOTE: Aggregators do not need to obtain a garage license to register for and collect parking tax.

Tax Base: AS OF 1-1-2015:

22% for daily parking during the week as well as all weekly and monthly parking.

20% for daily parking on the weekends

20% of the gross amount of consideration received by a valet parking business in connection with its valet parking operations in the city, including all related service fees or similar charges.

Exemptions, Deductions and Credits: The Parking Tax does not apply to residential off-street parking of house or apartment tenants or condominiums required by the City of Chicago Zoning Ordinance, wherein an arrangement for such parking is provided in the house or apartment lease or in a separate writing between the landlord and tenant, or if in a condominium between the condominium association and the owner, occupant or guest of a unit, whether the parking charge is payable to the landlord, condominium association, or to the operator of the parking lot or garage.
Rulings and Procedures:

Parking Tax Ruling 1 - Residential off-street parking exemption
Parking Tax Amended Ruling 1 - Residential parking exemption
Parking Tax Ruling 2 - Valet parking operators
Parking Tax Ruling 3 - Advertised rates

Uniform Revenue Procedures Ordinance Ruling 6: Collection Obligations - Facilitators

June 2015 Information Bulletin - Application of Parking Tax to resellers
January 2015 Information Bulletin - Parking Tax Amendments effective 1-1-2015
June 2013 Information Bulletin - Parking Tax percentage based rate changes effective 7-1-2013
December 2011 Information Bulletin - Parking Tax rate increases effective 1-1-2012
February 2000 Information Bulletin - Parking Tax Amendments/Record-Keeping Requirements
December 1999 Information Bulletin - Parking Tax for Registered Parking Lots and Garage Operators

Businesses registered for Parking Tax with the Chicago Department of Finance.