Vendor Payment Inquiries

  • Where's my payment?

    The Payment Operations division audits, approves and pays vendors once the contractual obligations have been fulfilled and the vendor payment has been approved and processed by the originating city department. General inquiries regarding payment status should be directed to the originating department which contracted the service of the vendor.

    The originating department will be able to supply the vendor with their payment voucher number, which identifies the payment being processed. Vendors who have the payment voucher number may direct inquiries related to payment status and lost or late payments to the contact number below.

  • Stop payment requests made by vendors should be directed in writing to the originating city department. The originating department, on behalf of the vendor, will be able to identify payment voucher number, will check the status and will assist vendors in stopping payments and obtaining replacement checks.

  • Search for completed and processed vendor payments and contracts, archived at the Department of Procurement Services website. 

  • Vendor Direct Deposit Request Form may be downloaded, completed and sent to in an encrypted email if possible, along with a bank confirmation letter from the depository on their letterhead (see example on page 2 of the direct deposit form). Processing time for vendor direct deposit applications is approximately two weeks. Questions related to the Direct Deposit Request Form can be sent to

Vendor Payment Inquiries 312.744.3233

Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

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