Health and Safety – Measles

May 20, 2019

TO: Children Services Division Delegates and Partners

FROM: Cerathel Burgess- Burnett, Deputy Commissioner

RE: Health and Safety – Measles

I am enclosing for your information and use a letter from the Chicago Department of Public Health -CDPH regarding Measles outbreak across our nation. As the letter states, currently there are 800 cases and 75% are in children. I want to remind you of the health risk posed for young children and those with suppressed immune systems and instruct you to be vigilant in your response to the request from CDPH. You must:

  • Review immunization records of all your children and make sure that all children are in compliance with State immunization requirements
  • Encourage families to speak with their doctor about their child’s vaccination status.
  • CDPH can assist by training one designated staff member from your facility to assess your child’s immunization records. If you are in need of assistance, please contact CDPH at 312-746-6381.

Measles in a childcare center is a serious matter. You have the responsibility of reporting to CDPH if you learn of any measles cases in your facility. The contact information, guidance on immunization requirements, responsibility in reporting and a parent letter is enclosed with the attachments.

Again, I can not impress enough the serious nature of measles and remind each of you of your responsibility of protecting all our children, families and your staff’s.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to me 312-743-1980 or email


Cerathel Burgess-Burnett

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