Youth Services

The Youth Services Division of DFSS has a portfolio that serves Chicago’s youth ages 6-24. This group represents a diverse population with different needs, including educational supports, income support for themselves and their families, and other means of connection to necessary social services.

Our programs are designed to support youth in reaching their full potential in their community, school, and work. The needs of Chicago’s young people, identified from research and feedback from our communities are the key drivers in informing the development of the Division’s programming and continuously shape the Department’s priorities and goals. As a social safety net for young people, DFSS will continue to pay careful attention to our youth’s needs and the composition of their population to have the greatest impact.

Enrichment Activities
Our Enrichment portfolio provides structured, safe, and enriching activities for young people outside of the classroom, between the closing bell and when working parents get home from school or weekends and school breaks.
Prevention and Intervention
The Prevention and Intervention portfolio serves youth who may need more support because they are not connected to school, may have been touched by the juvenile justice system, may be out of school, homeless or need mental health support.
Youth Employment
The program brings together government institutions, community-based organizations, and employers to offer subsidized employment and internship opportunities to youth and young adults ages 14-24


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2019 One Summer Chicago

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