City Council Approves Grant To Support Mayor Emanuel's One Summer Chicago Youth Jobs Program

July 26, 2017

The Chicago City Council today approved an amendment to the budget allowing for an $80,000 increase in a grant from Citi Foundation and the CFE Fund that will help fund financial empowerment and coding opportunities for youth participating in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s One Summer Chicago jobs program.

“One Summer Chicago provides more than a job. It gives youth pride, exposing them to mentoring opportunities and teaches them valuable life skills they carry with them long after the summer has ended. And I want to thank our partners for their ongoing support,” said Mayor Emanuel.

The extension and total grant award equally $1,062,000,000 will be directed to the Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) to support nearly 800 youth participating in the summer jobs program.

A portion of the grant will be used to supports a new initiative that partners One Summer Chicago with Apple Technology and Chicago Public Schools to place 100 youth in a coding academy to enhance their computer skills. The funding will also be used to support ongoing financial literacy program that uses a peer-to-peer financial education model.

Citi Foundation and the CFE fund have been ongoing supporters of the One Summer Chicago program, providing over $3 million in grants over the past four years.

One Summer Chicago officially kicked off in June. This year, more than 31,000 youth ages 14-24 will be assigned to 3,000 work sites across the City this summer where they will receive job training, mentoring opportunities and take part in continuing education programming.

Since 2011, Mayor Emanuel has significantly expanded the summer program, more than doubling opportunities while diversifying work opportunities for youths around the city. Each year, the Mayor hosts various round table discussions with the youth to hear about their experiences, gather feedback on the programming and learn more about how to improve the summer jobs program.

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