Children Services Income Guidelines

Income Guidelines

Head Start/Early Head Start Programs

Families can access quality Head Start/Early Head Start programs that offer quality care and development with a unique supportive services component for little or no cost. Families are required to meet the income guidelines.

The chart below indicates the Head Start/Early Head Start required maximum income for a household based on family size.

Family Size Household Income
1 $10,890
2 14,710
3 18,350
4 22,350
5 26,170
6 29,990
7 33,810
8 37,630


Infant Toddler Care/Child Care/School Age Programs

Whether it’s full day care for an infant or toddler or an after-school program for a school age child, working families can access quality programming for a small co-payment when they meet the income guidelines.

Family Size Maximum Monthly Income
2 $2,268
3 2,857
4 3,446
5 4,035
6 4,624
7 5,214
8 5,802


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