Sexual Harassment Training Materials



The Chicago Commission on Human Relations (CCHR) is charged with enforcing the Chicago Human Rights Ordinance and the Chicago Fair Housing Ordinance. The Commission investigates complaints to determine whether discrimination may have occurred, and uses its enforcement powers to punish acts of discrimination. Under the City's Hate Crimes Law, the agency aids hate crime victims. CCHR also employs proactive programs of education, intervention, and constituency building to discourage bigotry and bring people from different groups together. We developed two open trainings regarding Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. The first was developed for managers and employees of the organizations located in Chicago and the Bystander training, for managers, employees and citizens in general.


Sexual Harassment Prevention Training | For Managers


Under the Chicago Human Rights Ordinance, Sexual harassment means any unwelcome sexual advances or unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature; or requests for sexual favours, or any conduct of a sexual nature". In this training, you will learn what is sexual harassment and how to prevent and confront this situation. You will also access a summary of Federal, State, and local laws concerning sexual harassment including remedies available to victims and a summary of employer responsibilities in the prevention, investigation, and corrective measures of sexual harassment.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training | For Employees

Bystander Intervention Training


Bystander intervention involves safe and positive actions that may be carried out by a person, or a group of people to prevent harm or intervene where there is a risk or perceived risk of sexual harassment to another. Through this training, you will learn more about what is a bystander and how to act in tough situations.

Additional Training Materials

The templates provided are meant to be expanded and tailored to meet the individual needs of employers. A list of additional training and informational material is included for your reference to assist each employer in tailoring their training to mee the one hour requirement.