Near West TIF

Designation: 1996    Expiration: 2013

Originally the Madison-Racine TIF district before being expanded in 1996 to include the Greektown neighborhood and portions of the Randolph Street Market, the Near West TIF is intended to foster rehabilitation and new construction projects within its borders. Priorities include commercial developments that provide goods and services to Near West Side workers and residents, housing developments that accommodate a wide range of incomes, and streetscape efforts that enhance the identities of sub-areas within the district. Funds are targeted for site assembly and preparation assistance, rehabilitation projects, public works improvements, environmental remediation where necessary, job training, and relocation assistance. Additionally, the district supports businesses near Madison Street and Racine Avenue with projects that improve the area's traffic circulation, access and security.


Redevelopment Plan (PDF)
Redevelopment Plan Amendment #1 (PDF)
Redevelopment Plan Amendment #2 (PDF)
Redevelopment Plan Amendment #3 (PDF)
Redevelopment Plan Amendment #4 (PDF)
Designation Ordinance (PDF)
Annual Report (PDF)
Balance Sheets (Data Portal)



Near West TIF district map, roughly bounded on the north by Lake Street, Van Buren Street on the south, the Kennedy Expressway on the east, and May Street on the west.


1358 W. Monroe St.

 Viceroy Apartments

 Gateway to the West Loop

 Greektown Ornamentation

 Hellenic Museum

Lake Street Studios

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