2011 Non-Competitive Procurements

NCRB Applications for Three Week Public Review


NCRB Applications Pending Board Review


Approved Authorizations


Ray Burner Company - Tugboat boiler replacement


William Filan LTD - increase limit on PO 13429


Patten Power Systems - Tugboat replacement generators for the James J. Versluis

The Mitas Group - Internal Enterprise Mitas system for Dept of Housing and Economic Development

Hastings Air Energy Control, Inc. - Exhaust extraction system of diesel exhaust fumes


Hewlett Packard Company - one year extension of PO 15041

Oracle (Part 1 of 2), Oracle (Part 2 of 2) - Development and enhancement of CLEAR (Citizenand Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting)


Motorola - Time extension of PO T26138 CRM Program

NEC Corporation of America - Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) Maintenance

Recon Scout - Purchase of Recon Scout Robots


Patriot3, Inc. - Mobile Adjustable Ramp System (MARS) for MRAP vehicle for Chicago Police Dept

Ray Burner Company - Boiler Replacement for the Chicago Tugboat James J. Versluis


Vaisala Inc - Scope change to contract for Road Weather Information System (old PO 14768)


Motorola, Inc. - Replace Parts and Repair Services for Motorola 2-Way Communications Equipment and Related Systems, PO 15383 contract modification

Motorola, Inc. - Miscellaneous Motorola Radio Communication Equipment and Related Devices, PO 8873 contract modification


Trent Hinkle - Horse Care/Farrier Service to Chicago Police Department Mount Police Patrol Unit

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