General Contractors License

Renew Your General Contractor License


IMPORTANT: The failure to comply with the provisions of Chapter 4-36 of the Municipal Code ("Chapter 4-36") may result in ineligibility to bid, inability to perform (or continue) to work, in substantial fines, and/or in the City's revoking the Bidder's "general contractor" license.

Bidders must be in compliance with the requirements of Chapter 4-36, in the appropriate license class commensurate with the size of this project, if the license is required for the scope of work, at the time Bidder submits its bid and, if it is awarded a contract, throughout the term of the contract.

A Contractor's failure to be licensed as a "general contractor" at all times throughout the term of a contract, if the license is required for the scope of work, or Contractor's loss of its general contractor license, are events of default under the contract and either or both triggers the City's right to exercise any and all rights and remedies permitted under the contract, at law, or in equity.

All contract modifications for work to be done after March 29, 2004, regardless of when the contract was bid or awarded, are subject to the requirements of Chapter 4-36.


Please visit the Department of Buildings home page for more information and access to forms for obtaining and renewing related licenses. Use the following link to renew your general contractor license.