Municipal Marketing

On November 16, 2011 the City Council of the City of Chicago granted authority to the Chief Financial Officer and the Department of Finance to identify innovative marketing opportunities for City assets to create new revenue streams for purposes of funding essential City services that are critical to serve Chicagoans.

Our Mission and the Rules of the Road

  1. Protect the brand and visual integrity of the City of Chicago. Designs and displays should possess the integrity and character that reflect the values of the City.
  2. Avoid oversaturation of the outdoor advertising market. Designs and displays respect and do not damage architectural and historical landmarks.
  3. Focus on fewer, larger initiatives rather than many smaller ones. Municipal Marketing initiatives are done tastefully and in a strategically limited way to ensure it does not oversaturate City landscapes or the outdoor advertising market in any way.
  4. Creativity should be a core goal. Designs and displays should provide a venue for creativity and artistic expression with a focus on cutting edge technology to ensure Chicago remains a leader in this space.
  5. Be honest about the City’s goal. Develop sustainable revenue streams that allow the City to protect critical city services and taxpayer dollars. 
  6. Align social interests with corporate marketers’ goals. Ensure that community interests and public awareness and safety are also being served through real-time public service messaging and emergency notifications. 

Announcements, News and Updates


12/3/2021 Request for Information (RFI) for the City of Chicago Coordinated Street Furniture Program due date 1/7/2022 at 4pm CST.  Download the RFI

12/15/21 Pre-Submittal Conference Attendee List Download the List

12/17/21 Clarifying Questions Download Q&A



Download RFI 12032021 due 1/7/2022

12/15/21 Pre-Submittal Conference Attendee List Download the List

12/17/21 Clarifying Questions Download Q&A


Municipal Marketing Committee

With the City’s new municipal marketing effort, the CFO will offer marketing opportunities in the City to interested firms. Defined guidelines will guarantee that they do not diminish the integrity of Chicago’s character and landscape. To ensure this, the effort will be overseen by the Municipal Marketing Committee, which is comprised of the CFO and representatives from relevant city agencies including Law, Ethics, CDOT and Fleet and Facilities Management.

To learn more about the Municipal Marketing initiative, please read the following Municipal Marketing Framework:

Current Initiatives

Chicago Digital Network

Coordinated Street Furniture Program

BigBelly Solar Recycling Bins


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