Chicago's Plan to End Homelessness


Chicago’s Plan 2.0 is a broad-ranging, seven-year action plan that reaffirms, builds on the core tenets outlined in Chicago’s original Plan to End Homelessness – homeless prevention, housing first, and wraparound services - and identifies new strategies to improve access and opportunity for those most in need.  Announced by Mayor Emanuel and key stakeholders in August 2012, Plan 2.0 includes seven strategic priorities that represent the most cutting-edge thinking on preventing and ending homelessness from around the country.  Over 500 local stakeholders participated in the planning process, including 150 people who have experienced homelessness themselves.

Plan 2.0’s strategic priorities and goals:

  1. The Crisis Response System: Create an effective crisis response system that prevents homelessness whenever possible and rapidly returns people who experience homelessness to stable housing.
  2. Access to Stable and Affordable Housing: Create and maintain stable and affordable housing for households who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness.
  3. Youth Homelessness: Create a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate menu of services for youth who experience homelessness in order to prevent homeless youth from becoming the next generation of homeless adults.
  4. Employment: Increase meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities for people experiencing or most at risk of homelessness.
  5. Advocacy and Civic Engagement: Engage all of Chicago in a robust plan that creates a path to securing a home for everyone in our community.
  6. Cross-Systems Integration: Work across public and private systems of care to ensure ending homelessness is a shared priority.
  7. Capacity Building: Ensure a strong homeless assistance system capable of implementing Plan 2.0 goals and HEARTH Act performance standards.

An online version of Plan 2.0 and progress reports are available below.

Chicago's Plan 2.0 - A Home for Everyone

Plan 2.0 Progress Report - February 2013

Plan 2.0 Progress Report - August 2013

Plan 2.0 Progress Report - February 2014

Plan 2.0 Progress Report - October 2014

Plan 2.0 Progress Report - April 2015

Plan 2.0 Progress Report - April 2017


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