Inter-Faith Leadership Advisory Committee


The Chicago Mayor's Office on Domestic Violence Interfaith Advisory Committee gathers together to create a unified and faithful response to Domestic Violence through prevention awareness, education, the creation of safe, healing and redemptive space, and resources with and for clergy, professionals, and lay leaders within all faith communities.


Inter-Faith Advisory Committee Logo

We state clearly, strongly, and unequivocally...

  • That Inter-personal Violence, inside or outside the home is NEVER justified
  • This violence in any form – "physical, sexual, emotional, financial, psychological, spiritual or verbal" – is sinful; often it is a crime as well

As Communities of Faith, our mandate is to...

  • prevent, address, and respond to abuse,
  • minimize roadblocks facing abused members and their families in our faith communities with justice, compassion and accountability, as well as
  • maximize the resources that exist within our faith traditions


For more info on this or other Projects, please contact the Mayor’s Office on Domestic Violence at 312.747.9972