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Cable television is a regulated industry in the City of Chicago.  The Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection monitors and enforces compliance by franchised cable television operators and video service providers in the City of Chicago and ensures they are in compliance with the City's cable communications ordinances and franchise agreements with the City.

Before a cable operator can begin operating cable systems over the public rights-of-way within Chicago, a franchise agreement must be in place or state-issued authorization must have been obtained.

These incumbent companies include Comcast, RCN, and WideOpenWest. Chicago is divided into five geographical cable “areas” which partly determine where within the City a franchised cable operator may operate.

Cable Operators Information

Below is contact information for cable operators serving Chicago.


1.773.394.8766 or 1.866.594.1234


1.312.955.2500 or 1.800.746.4726

WideOpenWest (WOW)

1.630.536.3142 or 1.866.496.9669


File a Cable TV complaint regarding any services or problems with cable television companies.

This service request is used to report billing, service or any other problems with cable television companies that operate under the City of Chicago cable franchise agreement.

Ways to file a complaint:


The Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection manages Cable 25, a municipal cable television station that nurtures local independent producers, fostering film and television production in the nation’s third largest market.

City of Chicago TV livestreams and produces original content for City of Chicago TV social media platforms.  Additionally, it is responsible for the management of programs on cable channels 23 and 49 in Chicago.

City of Chicago TV on FacebookTwitter,  Instagram and YouTube.
City of Chicago livestreams can be viewed on

Channels 23, 25, and 49 can be seen on Comcast, RCN, or WOW cable systems within Chicago.