Weights and Measures

All devices used for weighing or measuring (i.e., scales and gas pumps), where products are sold directly to consumers, must be certified and sealed annually by the City of Chicago. A certification inspection performed by the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) will test the accuracy of the device.

Effective January 1, 2013, BACP changed the process by which annual weights and measures certification inspections for scales and gas pumps are conducted.

There are two major changes to be aware of:

1.  Payment will now be required in advance, as per the Municipal Code of Chicago, in order for inspection certification to occur for measuring devices:       
For businesses that hold a license and have had their measuring devices sealed and certified in 2012:

The business will receive a Renewal Notice with instructions.  The certification inspection of existing measuring devices must be paid/renewed online using the current Online License Renewal System. Current licensees should be familiar with this process, as it is the same as license renewal.

BACP has assigned renewal periods by month.  For businesses that maintain five or more stores in Chicago, all of those stores will renew in the same month. All businesses that maintain fewer than four stores will renew each of those stores separately by zip code renewal month.

For businesses that do not hold a license and have not been sealed and certified in 2012:

The certification inspection of those measuring devices not sealed and certified in 2012 must be applied for by using the Weights and Measures Certification Application form and, if necessary, either Addendum A – Gas Pumps or Addendum B – Scales. Use the following links to find and complete the application and addenda:

Weights and Measures Application

Addendum A- Application for Additional Gas Pumps

Addendum B- Application for Additional Scales

The signed application form(s) may be delivered to BACP via one of the following methods:

•    PREFERRED METHOD:  By email to bacpweights@cityofchicago.org
•    In person.  Go to:
     Weights and Measures
     2350 W. Ogden Ave., 2nd Floor   
     Chicago, IL 60608
•    By mail to the street address above.
•    By fax to 312.746.7160

It is your responsibility to make sure your devices are sealed. The penalties for operating without certified devices remain the same as in prior years and include citations, rejection, or condemnation of said devices.

If you have questions, please contact the BACP Weights and Measures unit at 312.746.4882 or at

The fees for the certification of measuring devices are as follows:

Gas Pump Inspection - $41.00 per device

Scale Inspection - $25.00 (for scales with a weight capacity of 0 to 24,000 pounds) per device

Scale Inspection - $75.00 (for scales with a weight capacity over 24,000 pounds) per device

Reinspection Fee - $100.00 (1 fee per location regardless of number of failed devices)
Please note:  Once you pay your inspection fees, you may use the device until the outcome of the Weights and Measures certification inspection. Again, no devices will be inspected or tested unless payment has been made in advance.


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