Clean Indoor Air Ordinance

A revised version, effective in 2008, prohibits smoking in virtually all enclosed public places and enclosed places of employment, including but not necessarily limited to bars, restaurants, shopping malls, recreational facilities (including enclosed sports arenas, stadiums, swimming pools, ice and roller rinks, arcades and bowling alleys), concert halls, auditoriums, convention facilities, government buildings and vehicles, public transportation facilities, coin laundries, meeting rooms, private clubs, public restrooms, lobbies, reception areas, hallways and other common-use areas in public buildings, apartment buildings and condominium buildings.
The ordinance also prohibits smoking within 15 feet of the entrance of these establishments.
The ordinance exempts private residences (except residences that are used as day care facilities or any other business to which the public is invited), some hotel and motel sleeping rooms, and Retail Tobacco Stores.

Effective April 29, 2014, the use of e-cigarettes will be banned in most places.  There are some exceptions noted in ordinance. 

Clean Indoor Air Ordinance (No Smoking: Including E-Cigarettes)


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