Filling Station Rules and Regulations

The Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) is pleased to present the draft of its newly updated Filling Station Rules and Regulations.  This document consolidates and modernizes the three sets of rules that have been in effect over the past several decades.  

Rules and Regulations

Filling Station Rules and Regulations will effectively reduce antiquated regulations and remove confusion for Filling Station operators while strengthening the protection of consumers.

These business-friendly regulations will enhance your day-to-day operations by clarifying and easing requirements in the following areas:
•    Signage and advertising – more independence regarding text sizing on pricing and advertising signs; conversion charts no longer required;
•    Authorized Attendants – no longer responsible for pumping fuels into approved portable containers; may now assist customers in dispensing fuel without shutting down other pumps; no longer required to have unobstructed views of all pumping stations;
•    Safety protocols – removal of cumbersome and redundant requirements;
•    Inspection readiness – inspection compliance, seal testing, and fees.

As your business grows and prospers, BACP must also ensure fair and consistent business practices for consumers.  Some of the areas in which you will have new responsibilities include:
•    Receipt requirements – giving out receipts at electronic terminal and
•    Improved information disclosure/clear and visible signage – pricing policies and payment methods; promotional pricing; spending caps on a single debit/credit transaction; ADA compliance; how to file a complaint.

Gas Station Operator Compliance Guide

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