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August 2019

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Average Days from Payment to Issuance for All Licenses

This number includes all 693 new licenses issued this month, not including Peddler Licenses. Issuance means that any necessary inspections have been completed and the license is ready to be issued.


Average Days to Issuance

Many licenses, including liquor, retail food, tobacco, and child care centers, involve life-safety inspections and/or background checks that increase the time to issue, but BACP is committed to issuing all licenses in a timely manner. To increase transparency and accountability, this page will also show time to issue for our largest license types.

Limited Business License: 210 licenses issued, all within 1 day

Regulated Business License: 133 licenses issued in an average of 4.21 days

Retail Food (Non-Liquor): 63 licenses issued in an average of 54.3 days



Hospitality licenses, which includes liquor licenses, require unique rules and are a particular area of focus for BACP. We understand that opening a restaurant or bar comes with many challenges and are committed to decreasing our time to process the license. Hospitality licenses require life-safety inspections from multiple city Departments and have a legal requirement to be posted to the public for 35 days. The Local Liquor Commissioner must issue their decision to approve or deny the License within 90 days, and we work hard to minimize processing time and make decisions as quickly as possible. The timeline below provides an overview of Hospitality Licensing this month:

                 Timeline of Hospitality License

* Once a license is approved by BACP, it is typically ready to be issued. Sometimes, issuance will not occur right away due to failed inspections, outstanding City debt, or because the approval was granted pending completion of construction projects. BACP is committed to decreasing our internal processing time:

                          BACP Processing Time Hospitality BACP Processing Time for Hospitality Licenses

BACP Processing Days

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