Pharmaceutical Representative Licensing

Pharmaceutical Representative” (MCC 4-6-310) – is a person who markets or promotes pharmaceuticals to health care professionals while both are within the City of Chicago for more than fifteen calendar days per year.  Exemptions include Medical Science Liaisons and Wholesale Distributors. There is also an exemption for pharmaceutical representative managers or supervisors who do not interact directly with health care professionals while in the City of Chicago.

“Pharmaceutical” - means a medication that may legally be dispensed only with a valid prescription from a health care professional

Application Process

Step 1: License application
  Apply online at, select “Apply for a Business License”, and then "APPLY ONLINE"
Step 2: Professional Educational Course
  After beginning the online license application, pharmaceutical representatives will be directed from within the licensing application to an online educational course that must be completed as part of the licensing process
Step 3: Complete online license application and submit payment

 For additional information, please review the Pharmaceutical Representative License fact sheet.


Pharmaceutical Representative




1 Year 


$750 per individual 

Completion of online professional education course for initial license. Completion of five hours of approved continuing education annually thereafter for license renewals.


Certificate of Completion


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