Retail Tobacco Dealer Requirements

“Retail Tobacco Dealer” means any person selling, offering for sale, exposing for sale, or keeping with the intention of selling or exchanging at retail, tobacco products or tobacco accessories in the City of Chicago.

There are restrictions on where a tobacco retailer can be located. No tobacco products may be sold at retail from the public way or a private residence.  

A Retail Tobacco Dealer:

•    must be licensed for each establishment, with each register identified, where tobacco products are sold. Tobacco license   fees shall be based on the number of registers per location.
•    must purchase tobacco products from a licensed City of Chicago Wholesale Tobacco dealer.
•    must have the required City of Chicago tax stamp affixed to all cigarette packages. Please search the data portal for current Wholesale Tobacco Dealer licensees.
•    must ensure that all tobacco sales are made to persons 21 years of age or older.

•    must ensure that all retail employees under age 21 do not engage in the sale, dispense, service or delivery of tobacco products.
•     must ensure that all retail employees present a government issued-ID when an authorized City investigator has requested identification.
•    must conspicuously post the required warning sign regarding tobacco sales to minors.
•    must sell cigarettes in the manufacturer-sealed packs. Single or loose cigarette sales are prohibited.
•    must keep a detailed book (in English) of all tobacco purchases from the licensed Wholesale Tobacco dealer. The book and all cigarettes purchased, received, or kept for sale by every Retail Tobacco dealer shall be open at all reasonable times to the inspection of any Business Affairs and Consumer Protection official.

Information in the book shall include:
•    the name and address of the place of business where the tobacco was purchased and the date of the transaction;
•    the seller's invoice number;
•    the number of the City Wholesale Tobacco Dealer's license where the tobacco was purchased; and
•    a description of the cigarettes purchased.

Retail Tobacco Dealer Industry Notice
Business Licensing Series: Tobacco Retailer 

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