Consumer Tips for Avoiding Rogue Towing

If you are involved in a traffic accident in Chicago, you may be a target for a predatory scheme called “rogue towing.” Rogue towing is when unsolicited tow trucks arrive at accident scenes and rush you into signing a form that requires thousands of dollars in payment to retrieve your vehicle. To avoid falling victim to rogue towing, keep the following in mind:

  • Never accept a tow from a tow truck you did not call. Rogue tow trucks claim they were sent by your insurance, roadside service, or the police, but they are lying. They listen for accidents on police scanners to target their next victims.
  • Demand the tow truck prove they have a vehicle relocator license with the Illinois Commerce Commission- the license must match the information printed on the side of the tow truck.
  • Take photos of the tow truck that include the license plate.
  • Do not sign a pre-tow disclosure form that has blank spaces in the payment section. Demand that the tow truck operator fill in all lines and provide a total for all fees.
  • Take a photo of the pre-tow disclosure form after signing it.
  • Call 911 if a tow truck driver is harassing you.

Consumers who have fallen victim to rogue towing can file a complaint by calling 311, by going online , or by using the CHI311 App

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