Shared Housing Unit Operator

A “Shared Housing Unit Operator” is an owner or operator of more than one "shared housing unit".

A “shared housing unit” is part or all of a dwelling unit that is rented to guests through a Short Term Residential Rental Intermediary such as Airbnb. A shared housing unit is required to be registered with, and approved by, the City via a Short Term Residential Rental Intermediary as part of the process of signing up with the Intermediary.

Shared Housing Unit Operator business license provisions:

  • Shared Housing Unit Operator must be a natural person; not a business entity.
  • Shared Housing Unit Operator license does not guarantee that dwelling units are eligible for listing on a licensed platform.

For additional information, and how to apply, please review the Shared Housing Unit Operator license fact sheet.

Application Process
Step 1: Submit License  Application
             License Application Requirements
Step 2: Document  Review
Step 3: License Issuance

Please refer to the Municipal Code of Chicago (MCC) for additional information.


Shared Housing Unit Operator




2 Years 



Local contact person name, contact information and affidavit


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