Sidewalk Signs

The legalization of sidewalk signs was a critical portion of Mayor Lightfoot’s Chi Biz Strong Initiative delivering financial relief and regulatory reform for Chicago’s businesses and workers since its passage in June 2021. 

Sidewalk signs (e.g. A-frame, T-frame, or other temporary self-supporting type signs, placed on the public way) are allowed Chicago by obtaining the proper City permit.

Showcase your business with a sidewalk sign!

Sidewalk signs:

  • Offer low-cost advertising of products and services
  • Create vibrant commercial corridors
  • Showcase local creativity
  • Boost customer interest


Eligibility: Storefront businesses outside the central business district with a valid Chicago business license

Permit Duration: Five years from the date of issuance

Permit Fee: $100 per year


  • The signs must be no larger than 6 square feet in area per face and no greater than four feet in height.
  • A business will be allowed one sign per street address. A City-issued sidewalk sign decal must be displayed on all approved sidewalk signs. The decal is issued upon application approval.
  • The signs can only contain information for goods and services provided on the premises.
  • A permit application must include a plan or sketch of the proposed sidewalk sign with proposed dimensions and language.
  • Proof of commercial general liability insurance is also required.
  • The sidewalk sign cannot interfere with the flow of pedestrians, access to building entrances, pedestrian and traffic safety, or the aesthetic quality of the surrounding area.
  • A sidewalk sign can only be displayed during the hours the business is open to the public and must be removed from the sidewalk when the business has closed for the day.






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