Single-Use Foodware Ordinance


The Single-Use Foodware Ordinance, effective January 18, 2022, requires that food dispensing establishments, for any delivery or take-out order, provide single-use foodware only upon request from the customer or at a self-service station.

Single-use foodware means any eating utensil or other item to be used as part of food or beverage service that is designed and intended by the manufacturer for only one usage before being discarded. This includes forks, spoons, sporks, knifes, chopsticks, other eating utensils, stirrers, drink stoppers, splash sticks, cocktail sticks, toothpicks, napkins, wet-wipes, cup sleeves, beverage trays, disposable plates, and condiment packets.

A self-service station means an area dedicated to customers taking away single-use foodware and condiments.

BACP has made available a standard sign (letrero estándar) for use by food dispensing establishments in connection with the Single-Use Foodware Ordinance (4-8-065)

Single-Use Foodware Ordinance
Single-Use Foodware FAQ /Utensilios de un Solo Uso FAQ
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