Tow Truck and Tow Storage Lot License


Effective September 21, 2021, any person engaging in the business of towing damaged or disabled vehicles from the public way will be required to hold the requisite Tow Truck and corresponding Tow Storage Lot business licenses issued by the City of Chicago. All vehicles conducting such operations will need to be licensed as a Tow Truck; further, all Tow Truck licensees will need an affiliated Storage Lot operated by the licensee located within the City of Chicago.

Application Requirements:

  • Photo ID for all controlling persons
  • Safety relocator’s registration certificate issued by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC)
  • Copy of lease or proof of ownership of the storage lot property
  • Detailed site plan for the storage lot
  • Proof of sufficient insurance coverage.  Insurance coverage requirements: A liability insurance policy insuring the owner and operator (1) for injury to person, in an amount not less than $100,000.00 to any one person and $300,000.00 for any one accident; (2) for damage to property other than a vehicle being towed, in an amount not less than $50,000.00 for any one accident; and (3) for damage to any vehicle towed by the tower, in an amount not less than $15,000.00 per vehicle.
  • The make, model, license plate number and Vehicle Identification Number of each tow truck

License Fees (for a two-year term):

  • Tow Truck license: $250 per truck
  • Tow Storage Lot license, with an ICC-issued Commercial Vehicle Relocator License: $250
  • Tow Storage Lot license, without an ICC-issued Commercial Vehicle Relocator License: $750


  • All applicants (controlling persons of the business) will need to be fingerprinted for a criminal history review
  • If the applicant does not hold a Commercial Vehicle Relocator License, the Storage Lot will need to be inspected by BACP prior to license issuance

Applications will begin being processed on Tuesday, September 21, 2021. Tow Storage Lot applications can be made in-person at the Small Business Center (see below) or online through Chicago Business Direct. Tow Truck applications will need to be submitted in-person at the Small Business Center.

Tow Truck and Tow Storage Lot License Ordinance 

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