Materials Supporting 2014 Chicago Bulk Material Rules

On March 13, 2014, CDPH issued Final Rules for the Control of Emissions from the Handling and Storage of Bulk Material Piles.

The regulations were issued following a 50-day public comment period in which the City received approximately 1600 pages of comments from more than 60 individuals and organizations. In addition to written comments, CDPH received verbal comments at a special public community hearing held on January 14, 2014, and at various stakeholder meetings held during the public comment period pursuant to the Guidelines for Stakeholder Communications. Copies of all written comments, as well as the Guidelines for Stakeholder Communications, a log and summary of such communications, and a transcript from the special public hearing, are available through the links below.

In addition, CDPH commissioned an environmental consulting firm (CDM Smith) to conduct a study of the potential of petcoke and other materials to become windborne. CDM Smith’s report, entitled City of Chicago Fugitive Dust Study, is also available below. Finally, CDPH issued a Responsiveness Document, also available below, to respond to the issues and questions raised by commenters on the Proposed Rules and to explain how the Proposed Rules were modified in the Final Rules and Regulations.