606-Pilsen Demolition Permit Surcharge Ordinance

The 606-Pilsen Demolition Permit Surcharge Ordinance was approved by City Council in March 2021. It requires applicants for demolition permits near parts of the 606 Trail and in parts of the Pilsen community to pay a surcharge before receiving a permit.

Before you can receive a demolition permit, you must submit a completed Dwelling Unit Demolition Surcharge form for approval to the Department of Housing at DOHDemolition@cityofchicago.org.

In addition to the Dwelling Unit Demolition Surcharge form, if your project will be subject to the 606-Pilsen Demolition Surcharge, please submit documentation of the number of dwelling units in the building, such as water or other utility records or property tax records, as well as a paid invoice from the Department of Finance.

The covered areas are mapped below.

Demolition Permit Surcharge Areas

The 606 Trail



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Anti-Deconversion Ordinance, Approved Jan. 2021
606-Pilsen Surcharge Ordinance, Approved March 2021

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