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The Chicago Neighborhood Recovery Program (CNRP) is an innovative initiative spearheaded by the Department of Housing (DOH) with a mission to revitalize distressed neighborhoods in Chicago. CNRP achieves this by reducing the financial barriers to homeownership, fostering vibrant communities, and educating new property owners and developers with information for them to understand how to invest in vacant buildings within strategically selected neighborhood blocks.

This program operates on the foundation of three core principles: precise allocation of resources to specific geographic areas, collaborative efforts involving private, public, and nonprofit partners, and the holistic utilization of these resources to cater to the unique needs of families, properties, and entire blocks.

CNRP encompasses 11 designated target areas, which are thoughtfully outlined on the maps below. Within each of these target areas, a community partner organization is actively engaged in enhancing neighborhood stability by reinvesting in vacant properties and providing support to existing homeowners. Simultaneously, CNRP opens doors to new homeownership opportunities. The City extends a generous $15,000 down payment assistance to eligible owner-occupants ready to purchase a home within a CNRP-designated area. Moreover, the City offers forgivable loans to assist current owner-occupants in making essential home repairs. Finally, CNRP works with a multitude of community organizations, financial partners, task force teams within neighborhoods, churches, stakeholders, etc., to locate resources and empower people within the targeted areas of how to access the resources to help improve their overall quality of life.

For those interested in acquiring property or engaging in real estate development within the specified areas, please reach out to the relevant community partner listed below. Existing residents seeking financial assistance for homeownership are also encouraged to make contact. For general inquiries about CNRP, please direct your questions to Assistant Commissioner Will Edwards at DOH, reachable at

CNRP Target Areas

Auburn Gresham

Auburn Gresham Map (PDF)
The Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation


Austin Map (PDF)
Austin Coming Together


Chatham Map (PDF)
Community Investment Corporation
Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago

Chicago Lawn

Chicago Lawn Map (PDF)
Southwest Organizing Project
Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago


Englewood Map (PDF)
Resident Association of Greater Englewood (R.A.G.E.)


Hermosa Map (PDF)
Logan Square Neighborhood Association

New City (Back of the Yards)

New City Map (PDF)
The Resurrection Project

South Shore

South Shore Map (PDF)
The Neighborhood Network Alliance

West Garfield Park

West Garfield Park Map (PDF)
Garfield Park Community Council

West Humboldt Park

West Humbolt Park Map (PDF)
Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago
West Humboldt Park Family & Development Council

West Pullman

West Pullman Map (PDF)
Far South Community Development Corporation


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