Data, Plans and Reports

For more than two decades, the Department of Housing and its predecessor agencies have used five-year plans as their chief method to set goals on the creation and preservation of affordable housing. Quarterly reports are delivered four times a year to the City Council Committee on Housing and Real Estate regarding the reports.

2019-23 Five-Year Housing Plan: One Chicago

As a $1.4 billion framework for City housing initiatives for the years 2019 to 2023, the current Five-Year Housing Plan will coordinate support for approximately 40,000 residential units citywide.

Accepting the Challenge: 2009-2013

Spanning two mayoral administrations and a global recession, "Accepting the Challenge" sought to comprehensively address issues related to housing, planning and workforce development under a then-newly created Department of Community Development.

Bouncing Back: 2014-2018

Written in the aftermath of the Great Recession, "Bouncing Back" identifies multiple housing issues, presents solutions, and establishes priorities, including the commitment to expand affordability and reduce the burdensome cost of housing on many owners and renters.



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