18 New Housing Units, Including Townhomes and Condominiums Planned for Woodlawn

November 17, 2021

Eighteen new housing units would be constructed in the Woodlawn community pursuant to an amendment to a Redevelopment Agreement (RDA) with KMW Communities, LLC introduced to City Council today by Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot. The amended RDA would allow for the establishment of an environmental escrow to cover the costs for the removal of an underground fuel tank and remediation to make way for the construction of 14 new townhomes in the 6200 block of South Woodlawn. This will be Phase 3 of the development, one of which will be affordable through the Chicago Community Land Trust (CCLT). The amended RDA also outlines the sale of parcels for a four-unit condominium building which will be developed in Phase 4.

“Investing in our communities and creating access to housing opportunities allows our neighborhoods and our city to flourish,” said Mayor Lightfoot. “The proposal to remove the underground fuel tank will enable families in Woodlawn to have access to new affordable homes while safeguarding our environment and the health of our communities."

Environmental scans for the parcels, which have been vacant since 1984, indicate a high probability that the site contains a buried fuel tank dating back to the 1920s when the site was a hotel. The sales proceeds of $188,500 will be placed in an escrow account to be used for remediation. After remediation, any remaining funds will be transferred to the general fund, and any cost for removal and remediation above the sales price will be the responsibility of the developer.

KMW Communities, LLC constructed nine new single-family homes as part of phases 1 and 2, and along with the 14 new townhomes to be constructed in Phase 3, it is planning a four-unit condominium building as Phase 4 for a total of 27 new housing units to the Woodlawn Community.



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