Site Preparation and Environmental Remediation to Begin on 100 Vacant Lots in North Lawndale as Part of the Reclaiming Communities Campaign

October 27, 2021

City Council passed an ordinance today that authorizes the Chicago Department of Housing (DOH) to execute a Redevelopment Agreement with Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives, Inc (CNI) for the Reclaiming Communities Campaign in the North Lawndale neighborhood. The ordinance also authorizes the expenditure of up to $5,300,000 in Tax Increment Financing (TIF) funds - $2,385,000 from the Midwest TIF and $2,915,000 for the Ogden/Pulaski TIF, or any other legally appropriated funds, for site preparation and environmental remediation of up to 100 lots, the sale of which is pending an October 2021 vote by City Council under Reclaiming Chicago, single-family development of affordable for-sale single-family homes.

Initial funds have already been allocated for environmental reports and testing performed by the Department of Assets, Information, and Services (AIS). It is expected that AIS will directly expend approximately 20% of the requested amount. The remaining funds will be used to reimburse CNI for their site preparation, environmental remediation, and related work



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