Chicago Department of Housing Announces Members of its Five-Year Plan Steering Committee

September 12, 2023

The 2024-2028 Housing Plan will guide the department in its effort to create a more equitable neighborhood landscape

The Chicago Department of Housing (DOH) has chosen the members of its five-year plan steering committee, after a rigorous selection process. The steering committee will work with DOH to develop its 2024-2028 housing plan, which will guide the department in its effort to promote affordable housing, reduce homelessness, and ensure that all residents have access to safe and healthy housing.

DOH sought applications from practitioners, advocates, researchers, and people with lived experience. The steering committee will be responsible for providing intensive feedback and leadership on the development of the five-year plan and will play a critical role in ensuring that the plan is responsive to the needs of communities across the city.

The members of the 2024-2028 Five Year Housing Plan’s steering committee are listed below in alphabetical order:

  • Ciere Boatwright, Co-Chair
  • Guacolda Reyes, Co-Chair
  • Michelle Gilbert, Co-Chair
  • Adam Ballard
  • Andrew Taylor
  • Asiaha Butler
  • Brian Rodgers
  • Chante Gamby
  • Cynthia Nambo
  • David Feinberg
  • David Graber
  • Emma Kunin
  • Fabian Cisneros
  • Florine Edwards
  • Helen Moore
  • Isabella Mancini
  • Jackie Davis
  • Jaclyn Zarack Koriath
  • Jacob Wilcox
  • James Turner
  • Katharine Booton Wilson
  • Kerry Fleming
  • Kim Jackson
  • Kirsten A. Dickins
  • Marilyn Ross
  • Omari Bektemba
  • Sara Heymann
  • Stacie Young
  • Tiffany Smith
  • Vicky Arroyo
  • Wesley Walker
  • Ximena Castro

The housing plan, which will be the City’s seventh, will be published and presented for adoption by City Council at the end of 2023 following a multi-part public engagement process that begins with the Steering Committee. During the Steering Committee process, which involves three meetings throughout the course of Q3, DOH will engage with a wide range of stakeholders and hold a public comment period.

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