Humboldt Park Church and 12-Unit Residence to Undergo Rehabilitation

May 22, 2024


The Humboldt Park United Methodist Church (HPUMC) will undergo a substantial rehab. The church building, along with its attached apartment building, will be remodeled via adaptive reuse to create 10 additional apartments.  

Developed by LUCHA, the unit mix includes eight studios, eight one-bedroom units, three two-bedroom units, and three three-bedroom units. 12 units will be at 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI). Five units will be set aside as Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH), and five units will be MAUI-subsidized units, targeting 15% and 30% AMI households. LUCHA plans to target and market all of the units to immigrant populations, including undocumented and mixed-status households, to the extent allowed under federal and local regulations.  

The development will be financed by various sources from the City of Chicago's Department of Housing: up to $10 million of tax-exempt housing revenue bonds being issued, to raise approximately $7.6 million equity for the benefit of the transaction, a $1.35 million grant from Chicago Recovery Plan for permanent supporting housing, a $1,288,919 grant from Chicago Recovery Plan for decarbonization, and up to $4,289,205 in DOH soft funds. The total project cost makes up nearly $20 million.      


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