Rental Subsidy Programs

The Department of Housing is dedicated to providing housing choice options to all Chicago residents, regardless of whether the family needs a subsidy. Rental subsidy programs provide not only needed housing stability to Chicago families but also have many benefits for Chicago landlords. These benefits include financial incentives, decreased costs for advertising, case management provided to support their tenant's long-term success, potential access to the Landlord Mitigation Fund, and tenants targeted for long-term tenancy. The programs below are different rental subsidy programs that the City supports.

Since the program's launch in March 2019, the FHP has placed over 400 individuals in housing. By partnering with FHP, you will receive timely rent payments directly from the Center for Housing and Health (CHH), who operates the FHP, security deposits, move-in fees, holding fees, option for a Master Lease with CHH, access to the Landlord Mitigation Fund for damages beyond the security deposit, tenants targeted for long term tenancy, case management to support your tenant's long-term success in the unit and, each household receives intensive supportive services from trained staff. 

Your involvement in this program will contribute to ending homelessness in your community, and the FHP will lay the foundation for a positive tenant-landlord relationship. If you are interested in participating in the FHP or have general questions about the program, please reach out to Tarita James at 312-242-2314 or;; or visit

Founded in 1989, CLIHTF's mission is to provide annual subsidies to rental property owners to reduce rents for residents of Chicago who make less than 30% of the area median income. By partnering with CLIHTF, you will receive timely subsidy payments made in advance quarterly while assisting families in their journey toward a permanent housing solution and economic self-sufficiency. If you are interested in participating in the CLIHTF or have general questions about the program, please call 312-741-1912 or, or visit

Chicago Rents is a program at All Chicago that connects property owners with tenants while providing ongoing support to landlords. Chicago Rents fills unit vacancies with tenants supported by subsidies, rental assistance, and supportive services from various housing programs while also providing the support landlords need to navigate these programs.  

As a partner in this program, you will receive guaranteed rent, move-in fees or security deposits, and the possibility of additional financial incentives. Chicago Rents also operates a Landlord Risk Mitigation Fund to cover unexpected costs such as unit damages. If you are interested in participating, don't hesitate to contact or visit

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