2020 Non-Competitive Procurements

NCRB Applications for Three Week Public Review

Note: some pending applications may be listed on the 2019 Non-Competitive Procurements page.



January 2020 

Bandit Industries (DSS) – Horizontal Feed Log Grinder

February 2020

L3Harris Technologies, Inc. (CDA) - Maintenance and repair of airport vehicle movement area transponders with the option to purchase additional units

March 2020

CoStar Realty Information, Inc. (DPD) - Online Real Estate Information Retrieving License

April 2020

Heartland Human Care Services (CDA) – Travelers Aid Chicago

May 2020

SDI Presence LLC (DAIS) – Water Management  Customer Service, Billing and Information System Maintenance

Northrop Grumman (OEMC) – Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)

AT&T (OEMC) – Replacement and Service of 911 Emergency Service System

CSG Forte Payments (DOF) – Check Processing Services Including Check Authorization

July 2020

CoStar Realty Information, Inc. (DPD) – Information Services

Granicus, Inc. (City Clerk) – Legislative Electronic Document Management System

September 2020

Israel Airport Authority (CDA) – Airport Consulting Services

The Center for Family and Child Health, Inc.(CDPH) – Training for Family Connects Implementation

November 2020

AssetWorks LLC (AIS) – Maintenance and Support of AssetWorks Sole Source Software

3SI -  Third Sector Intelligence (DFSS) – Data Warehouse Development Project (Early Child Learning)

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