Chicago Public Chauffeur Licenses

Driving a Public Passenger Vehicle in Chicago requires a Public Chauffeur License issued by the City of Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP). Public Chauffeur license types include:

  • Taxi  (Taxi Chauffeur)
  • Livery (Restricted Chauffeur)
  • Low-Speed Electric PPV (Restricted Chauffeur)
  • Charter/Sightseeing Vehicle with capacity of under 16 seats (Restricted Chauffeur)
  • Pedicab (Pedicab Chauffeur)

These licenses are issued for a 2-year term and assessed a $5 fee.

BACP also issues Transportation Network Provider (TNP or ride-hail) chauffeur licenses. A TNP driver must contact his or her affiliated TNP company to obtain a City of Chicago issued TNP chauffeur license.

It is against the law to operate a public passenger vehicle in the City of Chicago without the proper City license. Soliciting business without a license can lead to impoundment of your vehicle and fines. 

Service Animals
Public chauffeurs (taxi, livery, and ride-hail drivers) must accept passengers with service animals/dogs, as outlined in the Municipal Code of Chicago sections 9-104-130 and 9-115-180(m). 
Report refusal of transportation service using the CHI 311 system (call 3-1-1, visit, or download the CHI 311 mobile app).



How to Apply for a New Public Chauffeur License

The Public Chauffeur License Application Checklist outlines all of the requirements and steps you will need to follow.

Listed below are additional documents and information that will get you on the right track to becoming a Public Chauffeur.

Download and complete the appropriate documents and submit your application by e-mail to  or in-person at:

BACP Public Vehicle Operations Facility

2350 W. Ogden Ave., 1st Floor, Chicago, IL 60608

The facility is open Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

► Applicants for a NEW chauffeur license must check-in at the reception desk before 11:30 am
► Individuals may schedule an appointment by e-mailing
► For public safety and security, if building capacity has reached the maximum allowable, the front door may be locked to prevent more people from entering the building.

Public Chauffeur License Renewal Information

Download and complete the appropriate documents and submit your application by e-mail to  or in-person.

Walk-in (without appointment) service 8:30am to 11:30am on business days.


Classes/Course Information

Public Chauffeur Safety Tips

Public Chauffeur Licensee Information at the City of Chicago DATA Portal

Explore the City of Chicago Data Portal at for information on BACP licensed public passenger vehicles. Published datasets include, but are not limited to, public passenger vehicles, public chauffeurs, taxi trips, transportation network provider (TNP) vehicles, TNP drivers, and TNP trips.

Public Chauffeur Laws

Public Chauffeur-Taxicab Reports/Studies



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