Chicago Transportation Network Providers (Ride-Hail Companies)

  • The City of Chicago Transportation Network Providers (TNP) Ordinance establishes a licensing and regulatory framework for the TNP Industry, also referred as the ride-hail or ride-share industry. The TNP Ordinance focuses on:
    • Safe rides by requiring TNP companies to get licensed, conduct background checks and train affiliated drivers, inspect affiliated vehicles and obtain insurance
    • Protecting consumers by requiring up-front pricing acceptance, requiring that 311 information be included in vehicles and on the app, and mandating clear identification of affiliated vehicles and drivers
  • A TNP company provides prearranged transportation services for compensation through an Internet-enabled application or digital platform to connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire. TNP drivers and their vehicles join and become affiliated with TNP companies and are then available to be dispatched through the TNP’s digital platform.  Each TNP company must be licensed.  The TNP license is an annual license which is not transferable. 
  • Affiliated TNP vehicles and drivers must obtain for display a TNP Vehicle Registration Emblem with TNP Chauffeur License through their affiliated TNP company
  • The TNP Ordinance is Chapter 9-115 of the Municipal Code of Chicago and went into effect September 2, 2014.   
Service Animals
Public chauffeurs (taxi, livery, and ride-hail drivers) must accept passengers with service animals/dogs, as outlined in the Municipal Code of Chicago sections 9-104-130 and 9-115-180(m). 
Report refusal of transportation service using the CHI 311 system (call 3-1-1, visit, or download the CHI 311 mobile app).

 Starting January 6, 2020, the Ground Transportation Tax for all trips on Transportation Network Providers (Uber, Lyft or Via) will change as part of Chicago's first step to address CongestionClick on the link to see new City of Chicago Congestion Pricing

General Information on City of Chicago TNPs

Rules and Requirements

NEW TNP License Application

TNP Chauffeur (Driver) License and Vehicle Registration Portal

  • TNP drivers must obtain a Chicago TNP Chauffeur License before operating in Chicago.
  • TNP vehicles must be registered with the City of Chicago before operating in Chicago.
  • The issued one page Emblem contains verification of a TNP chauffeur license and vehicle registration. The Emblem must be always displayed while the TNP chauffeur and vehicle are operating in the City of Chicago.
  • TNP chauffeur license and vehicle registration emblems expire annually on June 30.
  • Failure to register and display a current TNP chauffeur license and vehicle registration emblem may subject the owner or the driver to impoundment of the vehicle and/or fines.

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