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BACP Entrepreneur Certificate Program

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The Chicago Department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection (BACP) Entrepreneur Certificate Program is a free and optional program available to attendees of the free BACP business education webinar series.

The program is designed to give entrepreneurs the essential information they need to start and grow a business in Chicago. The program’s curriculum covers essentials in business planning, financing, marketing, legal topics, technology, and more.

Once you successfully complete the program, you will be eligible to apply for an entrepreneurial loan with our partner bank, CIBC. The CIBC Entrepreneur Loan Program was created to support small businesses with important working capital.  This low-interest, no-fee loan can range from $1,000 to a maximum of $10,000 for new businesses and $25,000 for businesses with one year of filed tax returns. All financing decisions are made by CIBC.

The program and webinars are not affiliated with any educational institution.

Program overview and Requirements

  • Free, optional program in conjunction with the BACP business education webinar series
  • To complete the program, participants must:
    • Attend nine (9) BACP webinars in specified categories within six (6) months.  The categories are:

      1. City Inspections (webinar offered monthly)
      2. Business Licensing
      3. Business Planning
      4. Business Operations
      5. Finance
      6. Legal
      7. Marketing
      8. Technology
      9. Elective

BACP Entrepreneur Certificate Program Portal

Program Enrollment

  • Use the BACP Entrepreneur Certificate Program portal to register for the program
  • Select a BACP webinar you want to attend remotely from the webinar calendar and register for the webinar by following the registration links on the webinar calendar.
  • Remotely attend the webinar you registered to attend
  • The webinars you attend will be automatically updated and tracked in the program portal

Program Completion

  • After you complete your final webinar, your certificate will be made available on the BACP Entrepreneur Certificate Program Portal
  • Within one week, your certificate will be made available
  • You will be connected with our CIBC bank representative to discuss the opportunity to apply for their Entrepreneurial Loan Program. All financing decisions are made by the bank.

For program questions, please email or call 312.744.2086  


This does not make your business certified with the City of Chicago. If you are interested in the City of Chicago M/W/VBE Certification program, please visit