Business License Forms

Business Information Sheet (BIS)

  • The BIS pre-application form is for IN-PERSON City of Chicago business license applicants’ use at the Small Business Center only.
  • BIS forms submitted via mail or email will NOT be processed.
  • To apply online, please access Chicago Business Direct.



Adult Use Affidavit

  • For every new application for a Public Place of Amusement or Performing Arts Venue license.


Financial Disclosure Form

  • Used to document the source of all money invested or spent to fund a new establishment, expand an existing establishment, or buy an existing business, when the business holds one of the following licenses: Liquor, Amusement, Hotel, Massage Establishment, or Day Care.


Heliport Indemnification Agreement

  • This affidavit is required for all Heliport business license applications.


Homeowners Association Affidavit

  • This affidavit is required for all Vacation Rental business license applications.


Individual History Form

  • For any individual undergoing a background check in relation to a City of Chicago business license.


Local Contact Person Affidavit

  • This affidavit is required for business license applications which require a local contact person (i.e. a person authorized as an agent of the owner who is designated for service of process, authorized by the owner to take remedial action and respond to any violation of this Code, and maintains a residence or office located in the City of Chicago.


Manager's Statement

  • For any application to add a manager to a site with an active or pending license that requires fingerprint review.


Mobile Food Vehicle GPS Device Affidavit

  • This affidavit is required for all food truck (i.e. Mobile Food Dispenser or Mobile Food Preparer) business license applications.


Package Goods Affidavit

  • For every new application for a Package Goods liquor license in a zone where package goods liquor sales are permitted only as an accessory use (i.e. B1, B2, B3, DC, DX, or DS without special use approval, and some planned developments).


Spousal Affidavit

  • For the current spouse of any individual owning 5% or more, either directly or indirectly, of the business entity applying for a business license.


Tobacco License Affidavit

  • This affidavit is required for all business license applicants with business activities that include the sale of tobacco products.

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