Vending Machine PIN Request Form and Information

The Chicago Department of Public Health vending machines offer harm reduction supplies at no cost, but you must have a PIN code to access these items.

Simply follow the steps below to gain access to items in the machine.

To request a PIN code, please click the button below.

Please do not click the button until you have reviewed the instructions below and are ready to complete the form.

  • To request a PIN, please complete the "Request a Vending Machine PIN" form linked above.
    The form takes 3-5 minutes to complete. The first 3 questions are required. All other information is optional. A unique PIN will be immediately generated for you. The PIN can be sent to an email address you provide. Please be sure to store your PIN in a safe place. If you lose or forget your PIN code, you may register for a new one.
  • Please do not share your PIN.
    Everyone may get their own unique PIN. This ensures everyone can access what they need.
  • Use your unique PIN to access items in the machine.
    Enter your PIN on the keypad and then select your item. The machine will dispense the item.

Please Note: CDPH will not share individual-level data and will only report aggregate data for evaluation and public reporting purposes in such a way that no individually identifiable information is available. The first 3 questions are required, all other questions are optional. By completing all the information, you will help CDPH understand the effectiveness of this pilot program. These machines are intended to help prevent overdose and provide access to important harm reduction materials for people who do not have easy access to these materials.

To provide feedback and suggestions on this program, please take our survey: