Liquid Waste Fee

Special Waste Generator:

As you may know, the Chicago Municipal Code requires liquid waste generators to report all quantities of liquid waste generated each year, and to pay a fee of $0.025 per gallon of liquid waste if at least 360 gallons of such waste was generated during the reporting period.  Liquid waste generators are considered to have generated liquid waste when they containerize, manifest and transport liquid special waste off-site.  Liquid waste is special waste as defined by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency which includes hazardous waste, industrial process waste, pollution control waste, and potentially infectious medical waste that has free liquids.  All submissions for 2019 LWF are due by January 31st, 2020.  You are receiving this notice because you either have special waste onsite or sent off special waste in the last two years from your facility.  If you have not sent off liquid special waste in the year 2019, then you will not need to submit anything and you can disregard this notice.  Here is a helpful link to IEPA’s website that can help you determine what is special waste:

If this is your first time submitting, then you must first register in the City permit portal.  Refer to the “Sign in instructions to City permit portal” section of the attachment. You will also see the link to the portal in the upper left corner of page 1:

Then once you have your User Name and Password set up, refer to the "Liquid Waste website instructions" section of the attachment. Follow the instructions for LWF website. Note that in the LWF website, you must click on the “create new” green button and select “permit application” from the drop down. A new page “select application type” will load; click on “CDPH Liquid Waste Reporting” and continue to follow the website instructions in the attachment.

Failure to file your LWF can subject the generator to fines under the Municipal Code.  Any fee due under Section 11-4-140 constitutes a debt due the City.  The City may bring an action to recover the amount of the unpaid fee plus penalties and interest for failure to complete and timely submit the required forms due for the current and prior periods and for failure to pay the corresponding fees.  Liquid waste generators are also subject to penalties for failure to complete and timely submit the required forms even when no payment is due. If you have any questions, please email me at