Health Protection & Response

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We work to protect all Chicago residents from potential health threats like disease outbreaks and common illnesses like influenza. We provide safe and effective vaccines and educational information about how to prepare for and prevent health emergencies.

  • Communicable Disease
    We identify sources of infectious diseases to stop transmission. Our goal is to ensure that all Chicago residents receive timely, preventive medical treatment and that medical providers are always informed of the latest health alerts and recommendations.
  • Immunization
    Vaccines are a safe and highly effective method to protect yourself and your children from many diseases. 
  • Emergency Preparedness
    Recognizing that a Local Response is the Best Response, learn how you can prepare your family for an emergency, how to work together as a community and how you can volunteer to help others.
  • Tuberculosis
    TB is a communicable disease of public health significance, and under Illinois law the Local Health Department should be actively managing and/or monitoring treatment of each case of TB. Our goal is to control and prevent TB in Chicago.

Get the latest information about diseases that may impact you.