Child Abuse and Neglect

Questions to be addressed

  • What is CHILD ABUSE? (physical, emotional, sexual)What is CHILD NEGLECT?
  • What are some signs of abuse and neglect?
  • Are YOU a legally mandated reporter?
  • What is required of mandated reporters?
  • Do you know your agency’s policy and procedure for making a call to the DCFS hotline?
  • If making a call to the hotline IS NOT CALLED FOR, do you know how you could help?

How the office of violence prevention may help you:

  • Professional Development Training on Violence Prevention Issues
  • Information and Referrals for Violence Prevention Services
  • Sharing Violence Prevention Support Models
  • Community Education programs on Violence Prevention issues
  • Technical support for violence prevention related questions (child abuse, children’s exposure to violence, bullying, etc.
  • Monthly E-Briefs on violence prevention topics Sign up! Call 312.745.0381.
  • Violence Prevention Resources - call OVP at 312.745.0381 to make an appointment.