Childhood Exposure to Violence (CEV)

Questions to be addressed

This 5-module curriculum that focuses on building a community response to Childhood Exposure to Violence helps participants define Childhood Exposure to Violence, recognize the symptoms/behaviors a child may exhibit, and what can be done to respond appropriately when a child has been exposed to violence.

Childhood Exposure to Violence-train-the-trainer

This session teaches others how to administer the ‘Bringing the Kids Back into Focus‘ curriculum that focuses on increasing awareness and learning about the issue of CEV.


  • Build public awareness about childhood exposure to violence (CEV)
  • Define the role families, community, and culture play in children’s exposure to violence (CEV)
  • Understand the effects of exposure to violence on a child’s development
  • Learn practical ways to respond to childhood exposure to violence

How the office of violence prevention may help you:

  • Professional Development Training on Violence Prevention Issues
  • Information and Referrals for Violence Prevention Services
  • Sharing Violence Prevention Support Models
  • Community Education programs on Violence Prevention issues
  • Technical Support for Violence Prevention-related Concerns (childhood exposure to violence, bullying, etc.)
  • Monthly E-Briefs on Violence Prevention Topics

Violence prevention resources can be accessed - call OVP at 312-745-0381 to make an appointment.